Boosting Solar Hot Water with Wood Fire


In most parts of Australia the Sun will give you more than enough hot water from a correctly sized solar hot water system through all of the Summer and large parts of spring and autumn.

Even in winter the Sun will give you a large rise in water temperature from the cold water base but it probably won’t get the temperature to meet the minimum regulation temperature so you will need to boost the temperature of the solar pre-heated water.

The time of year you need to boost coincides with the time of year that you need to heat your house and if you choose to do that using a slow combustion wood fire, you have the option of buying a fire that is capable of having a water jacket (also known as a wetback or boiler) in the fire box.

This can be linked to your mains /pump pressure solar hot water system via a heat exchanger that will keep the water jacket open and vented and safe.

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