Benefits of using Solar Hot Water

Environmentally Friendly

The installation of a solar water heater will reduce the greenhouse gas pollution associated with water heating in the average Australian home between 60 to 90%, depending on the location.

A typical home will save 2.4 to 3 Tonnes of CO2-e, depending on the type of installation.

Pays for itself in 7 years or less

Although the initial cost of a Solar Water Heater is higher than electric or natural gas water heaters, the payback period is a bit under 7 years on average.

Rebates are available from the Australian Government and several State Governments to assist with the initial purchase cost.

Keeps working in the shade

Heat Pumps use solar energy in the form of surrounding ambient air, and do not rely on direct sunlight. They are classed with direct solar systems for rebates and other government incentives.

Installation is generally similar to installing a conventional hot water system.

Solar Hot Water makes sense

Solar Hot Water Systems including Heat Pumps account for around 60% of replacement sales in NSW.

The Solar Water Heating industry has moved from being a niche market to a mainstream high volume, low margin product, capable of providing the majority of Australia’s hot water.

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