This Years Finalists

In the lead up to this years Solar Hot Water Race below are the finalists from the world’s leading Solar Hot Water nations. Who will win GOLD?

Steele Tanker grew up hanging around the beaches and pools of the Sunny Gold Coast region of Queensland Australia. The joker of the field, his competitors know there’s a lot of heat in store for them if they draw the lane next to him. Like Solo Panel he is one of the veterans of the field and the newcomers will be sure to keep their eye on his efficient release off the blocks. Will his quick wit and energy reserves be enough to keep him in the race, or will his relief valve block and the pressure be too much?

Heiss Pumpe from Germany is a bit different to the others and not technically a solar hot water part, yet a loophole in the regulations means he is finally able to compete, and word is he has the others worried. Growing up in the prestigious Berlin area of Silicon Allee, Heiss Pumpe’s technical credentials are amazing, able to turn a single kW of energy into an amazing 4.5kw of heating power. How will he go up against the old school reliability of Solo Panel and the ultra efficient Evac Tube?

Evac Tube grew up in the Ningbo region of China, across the harbour from Shanghai. As a child he often paddled and trained at the local pool, before swimming across lakes as a teenager and more recently across the Huibei Ocean all the way to Shanghai. As one of the heavyweights of the Solar Hot Water world Evac Tube is highly efficient and able to take all the heat the competition can throw at him. With the weight of numbers behind him is he in with a shot at being crowned the next Solar Hot Water champion?

Solo Panel from the USA is a former champion as hard and tough as they come, a third generation swimmer, he has stood the test of time. Some say he spent his childhood being raised by lone wolf panels on the Appalachian trail, where he’d casually swim back and forth across Dockery Lake, others speak of his feats in the marines where he rescued 12 lost panels in one go, before going on to represent the US team on no less than 10 occasions. Does he still have what it takes to bring home the title?

Su Pompasi started life in a coastal town in the Marmara Region of Turkey. Like many of his competitors his love of water was evident at an early age, honing his craft by sucking in and shooting out water with precision at his brother. Reliable and with the ability to switch on when required, Su Pompassi is the quiet achiever of this years field working tirelessly over many years to build towards this attempt at the title. Will the crowd pump him up enough to be this years champion?

Gaz Booster representing the host nation Brazil, has been labelled a firey fellow pushing the competition in the pool one day and partying on the Rio beach the next. Raised in a village of gas shamans on the banks of the mighty Amazon river, he learnt to move water from deep within and heat it up before he could walk. One of the new kids on the block, and an up and coming superstar, does Gaz Booster have what it takes to topple the super powers of the Solar Hot Water world and take Gold?

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