Have you ever wondered why the grass in your lawn doesn’t look as green and healthy unlike your neighbour’s? Growing a lush green lawn requires patience and some little tricks too. Here are the secrets to make the grass greener on your side.

Keep an Eye on Thatch

Thatch forms a layer on the top of your garden soil and is composed of dead grass. It is normal to have a thin layer of thatch in your lawn since it is naturally caused by the grass itself. However, too much of it is unhealthy for the lawn. Your lawn has a minor thatch problem if it has about ½ inch thick build-up. This one is fairly easy to deal with. For extreme thatch build-up which is about ¾ inch or more, you need to use a core aerator to deal with this problem. Jims Mowing has everything needed to keep you lawn healthy and well-maintained. From professional lawn mowing to dethatching, you can surely expect only the best service from the lawn and garden experts.

Give Adequate Water

Well-watered grass always looks healthy and green. You may opt to install a lawn irrigation system to make watering easier and on schedule even when you’re out. Always give the grasses enough water especially on warmer months to keep them looking alive. Water also gives the right amount of energy to help grass combat diseases and compete with weeds.


We might think that the grasses in the lawn don’t need fertilizers to be healthy. However, they are still plants and they need to be fed with essential nutrients to stay lush and prevent weeds from growing out. Slow-release fertilizers are the best to use since they are the least likely to cause burning in grass. You may also like to try a weed and feed fertilizer wherein it feeds the grass but serves as poison to the weeds. Remember to use it only twice a year since they are not organic.

Follow a Fertilizer Schedule

Aside from simply applying fertilizer to your lawn, follow a set fertilizing schedule depending on the season. You may start applying a pre-emergent herbicide during spring to prevent crabgrass growth. Follow it up after a month with a double-action fertilizer that controls weeds with broad leaves. You may also need a post-emergent herbicide to kill the weeds that have already grown in your lawn.

On warm summer months, it is best to choose a fertilizer that also takes care of bugs to keep rid your landscape with these pests. Prepare your lawn for winter by applying fertilizer that has a winterizer. This component helps them form deeper root systems to survive the winter.

Trim at the Right Height

Maintaining grass at their best length helps them to become healthier and stronger. It is time to mow your lawn if the grass is already more than 3 ½ inches tall. Mow it in the morning after the dew has dried. Keep in mind to only cut about an inch of its leaves every time you mow so the grass clippings are not that bulky. Leaving these clippings where they are works best to provide more nutrients to the grass.

Those were the 5 simple hacks in keeping your lawn green and healthy. Try these secrets to your lawn care routine and see the difference.

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