Using second-hand pallet racking is still feasible especially if there is a concern for budget. Business owners who are just starting and are a bit hesitant to invest on pallet racking could opt for buying used ones and could just buy newer ones once the business expanded.

If you decide to purchase second-hand pallet racking, you have to be more meticulous and careful as opposed to buying new ones. Most used pallets are not covered under any warranty unless otherwise stated by the seller (perhaps for an additional cost but paying for this warranty is advisable).  You have to scrutinize every nook and cranny to determine if the pallet is still in excellent condition and could still serve your storage and shelving needs for a long time.

The below list will indicate all other steps you could undertake before buying used pallet racking system for your business.

Check the Manufacturer

Do your research and find out the best and leading manufacturers of pallet racking system in the market. If the reseller is selling you pallets from these manufacturers, you would know they are of the best quality that even if they are used. If you live in Australia, search for Melbourne better storage pallet racking systems and all your inquiries and concerns regarding pallet racking systems would be answered. Especially where to get the best deals on pallet racking systems.

Calculate the Cost

Since the pallets are used, the cost should be significantly lower than buying brand new pallets. Don’t be tempted to immediately close the deal with a reseller once you found out how much they are offering for a used pallet racking system. Inquire about any other additional charges or fees (such as delivery cost, installation fee, etc.). Because if you add up all the expenses, in the end it might have been better to buy new ones since you did not actually save a lot from buying used ones.

Inspect the Condition and Appearance

This is self-explanatory but sometimes business owners overlook this point when they are suddenly blinded by low prices thinking they already have a great deal. Check if there are missing components or even as small as a nut or bolt. Look for minor scratches. Inspect if there is anything that is loose or squeaking and if the pallets are recently painted because it might be done to hide some rust or abrasions before showing you the pallets.

Be Open to Doing Minor Repairs

If the pallets require a little upkeep and if the repairs would not cost you as much, be open to it. It would be a one in a million chance to you will be able to find a used pallet racking system in pristine almost brand new condition. Just make sure that the cost of everything plus the repair would not have you shelling for more than a new pallet racking system.

Choosing to buy used pallet racking system would not only save you money, it would also help you be a better consumer and entrepreneur since you get to be in the mindset of your clients who are always looking for great products at affordable prices. Just make sure to check the manufacturer of the pallets, compute the cost plus additional fees and cost for repairs if necessary, and be vigilant in inspecting all parts of the pallet racking system before finally deciding to purchase it.

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