Are you thinking of having your house renovated? Or are you in the planning stage of building your own house? Have you considered what your exterior will look like? Do you want it to have a traditional look? Do you want to spice it up a little to have some sort of modern edge? In fact, there are so many designs to choose from to the point that it’s somewhat confusing. However, the trick here is to narrow your list down to those ones that suit your taste. If you are still confused about which design idea to follow, here is a list to guide you on what you need based on the design idea that you have in mind.

The Traditional Way

The timeless look that bricks siding brings makes it a perfect option for homeowners who want to have a traditional house. The homes that are commonly found in the suburbs use brick as a material for their exterior siding. It comes in a variety of colors. These colors are the natural colors of the brick, which eliminates the need for repainting even after a long span of time. This is what makes bricks easy to maintain. However, note that bricks are more expensive to purchase and to install than other exterior options. A cheaper alternative that recreates the same traditional look is the brick veneer, a thinner version of bricks.

Modernize It

Apart from the traditional option, you can also go for a modern and sophisticated look. This material allows natural lighting to enter the house. Thus, making it an energy efficient option. It also has that polished look that even though it looks fragile, it can still protect you from foreign elements outside. Contact Barton Glass to inquire how you can make your home look modern and sophisticated.

Get Trendy

Although the previous ones are commonly used options, there is an emerging trend nowadays as more and more houses use metals as their exterior sidings. In fact, metals were initially used in constructing factories and industrial buildings. However, some opt to use it for their houses due to their durability. Though it is expensive to purchase metals, homeowners turn to aluminum for a cheaper alternative. 

Be Unique

If you want a unique look and have a touch of decorative sense, use stones for your exterior sidings. Due to its nature, it is also proven to last long with just a little maintenance. For exterior sidings purposes, it is recommended to use natural stones such as granite and slate as its color and texture provide a “stand-out” look for your house. Heads up, though! It’s more expensive than bricks. However, if you desire a cheaper option, you can go for stone veneer. Then again, be careful as stone veneer does not have the same natural look compared to the natural stones.

Hello Pueblo

If you like a home with a touch of the Western Coast, you can use stucco, which is made up of cement, lime, sand, water, and epoxy. It is commonly used in pueblos that portray traditional Spanish homes. It is easy to maintain and cheaper than other exterior sidings. However, the installation might be more expensive as it necessitates expert installers and it can be time-consuming due to coating requirements.

Now you know the pros and cons of each exterior sidings. Yes, they are all lovely to look at, but your preference will vary depending on your desired design and allocated budget. Choose wisely.

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