As more and more people start to care more about Mother Earth, there have been various active movements on saving energy. This has been a common thing in the workplace or in any public place. However, do you know that you can also save energy while you are at home? In fact, saving energy at home can greatly lead to reduced house bills in the process. It’s hitting two birds with one stone! Who knew that changing small habits can generate monetary savings? Consider these tips to save Mother Earth and reduce your house bills.


Traditionally, thermostats are manually adjusted. However, with the advent of technology, the thermostats have been upgraded to become programmable ones. Through this, you do not need to constantly monitor the temperature and to adjust the thermostat accordingly. With the programmable thermostats, it will automatically adjust on its own depending on the current temperature. This will generate savings since you do not need the machine to operate on certain cool or heat levels when the current temperature does not call for it. You will not have a hard time from it to adjust it from time to time to save some energy.

Ceiling Fans

Who knew that ceiling fans can generate savings all throughout the year? Yes, you read that right. During summer, ceiling fans can provide cool air to reduce the room temperature. On the other hand, the ceiling fans can operate in a reverse manner during winter time. It can push the warm air from the ceiling area back to the floor to heat up the room. However, you have to remember that ceiling fans work best if it is installed in a room filled with people. Hence, take note of the areas where you and your family spend most of the time so you can install ceiling fans in those areas.


One way to achieve energy efficiency is by upgrading your HVAC unit. Due to today’s technological advancements, a more energy efficient HVAC units have been invented. There is no doubt that through this, you can realize huge monthly utility bill savings. You can contact Alpha Air conditioning and heating to learn how you can upgrade your HVAC unit to an energy efficient one.

Zoning System

You do not stay in all areas of your house all the time for most of the time. In fact, you only stay in some places. With this logic, it can be generalized that the areas not often used do not require the same amount of energy compared to the areas that are often used. This logic alone can provide tremendous energy savings to your family. To do this, divide your house into different zones that have independent thermostat settings. Through this, your furnace or air conditioner unit can specifically target the spaces that require more of it. This saves you a great deal of energy and monthly utility bill.

To achieve energy efficiency, it is not enough to simply adjust the thermostat. Most of the time, it requires a tougher job like upgrading an HVAC unit. Then again, remember that these are investments that will soon pay off over time.

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