Windows are the eyes of your house, it provides a peek to your home’s soul. If our windows are beautifully designed and properly functional, our guests would remember them because it is one of the first things they would notice when they come up your front door. A dressed-up window is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it would also provide you with privacy, keep away sunlight or insulate and warm up a room during colder seasons. Decorating your window is actually easy and if you are smart, you could enhance it without having to break the bank.

Now that we have established how important window treatments are, they should be considered an integral part of the room when the overall look of the room is being planned. With this in mind, check the list below of the various ways on how to dress up your windows and which is more suitable to your taste and budget.


Curtains are the simplest and at times the cheapest way to dress up your windows. All you need is a rod, hooks and fabric and you are set. But, if you would really want to give your windows the royal treatment it deserves for shielding you from the prying eyes of your neighbor, spending a bit of extra on your curtains would go a long way. You could opt to have a single panel curtain or double panel to give the window a more symmetrical look. There are also add-ons that you could avail such as curtain liners to have more options when it comes to deciding on the amount of light to be let in the room. These liners could also be thermal, to provide more heat or noise blocking for that deep and uninterrupted slumber that you deserve.


Blinds on the other hand are window coverings with a control system. Unlike curtains that are made by the use of fabrics, blinds come from various materials and are not only limited to fabric. There are blinds made from wood, metal, plastic or even bamboo that are tied together by cords. The slats could be controlled manually or electronically to open or to close. With the slats having bigger spaces between them, more light would enter the room and when the slats are controlled to overlap, the room would be darker. Window blinds could be horizontal slats or vertical slats. To open blinds with horizontal slats, pulling the cord would cause the blinds to go up while for vertical slats, the blinds would go sideways. If you have decided to purchase blinds for your windows, places like Blinds City are your best bet with the wide range of selections you could choose from. You need not worry about your budget also since most of their products are affordable.


Shutters are window coverings that are very flexible since they could also be used outside the house because of their durability. Usually made of wood, these shutters are attached to windows with hinges so they could be opened or closed, similar to the mechanism of opening and closing of a door. Shutters are chosen by some homeowners not just for obvious reasons but also because they provide personality to a room, they are installed in.

There are other various means for you to dress up your window. The possibilities are endless. All you need is some creativity, time and resources. Decorate your windows and make it unique and truly yours.

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